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The creation of this spectacular waterfront home overlooking the canals of Raby Bay was truly a Castle Glenn Homes family affair in every sense.

The design, a contemporary masterpiece capitalising on the unsurpassed view of the canals, is the design creation of son Dean. Dean’s father Glenn, built the home to the company’s strict highest quality standards, and Glenn’s wife Toni brought the home to life creating an interior (and exterior) of timeless elegance.

About the project

Every design aspect of this home has been thoughtfully considered and each design element has purpose. Working collaboratively, the team have incorporated vast expanses of space to evoke an essence of luxury, whilst incorporating earthy tones in natural materials such as timber, copper and stone to create an intimate and relaxed feel.

Castle Glenn Homes designer Dean Bolger, says the design incorporated many rooms and spaces, but it was the use of voids, glass and natural light home in sunlight, which made the home feel spacious and breezy.

The clever design and use of glass and voids is only one element that makes the home unique. Combined with use of the natural materials within the home gives this grand home a relaxed and intimate feel that is essential for home life. Natural timbers, stone and copper are balanced with glass and chandeliers to provide timeless elegance, with a calming balance.

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